Canon T2i ROCKS in low light too!

So I am now getting to play with my new CANON T2i (550D) and here are some screen shots I took from some low light footage. This is all shot with simple settings, the 18-135 kit lens, and (I have to look again) but it wasn’t even at the max ISO.

I spent the evening running around shooting at night to see how this camera did in low light tests. This idea was inspired by the blog post on Philip Bloom’s website; Zacuto DSLR shootout.

So I have included some screen shots of my own and soon I will have an edit ready and uploaded. I just couldn’t wait to get this out there, even though I should have the video ready first…

Have a look at the video hereĀ T2i low light video

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About jasunthomas

I am a freelance video producer, animator and web designer. I am also a D-licenced skydiver, certified Apple Pro software trainer and a heck of a nice guy.
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