About Jasun

I am Jasun Thomas. A freelance video producer, editor, animator and web designer.

I have so many stories, experiences, and travels that is difficult to decide what is relevant to this page and what is not. In a statement, I’ve been a skydiver for over 15 years. A US Army Soldier, a blimp crewman, a welder, an Apple Store trainer, and now a freelance video producer.

I made this site so that over time I can finally start to put my notes and learnings in a place that’s useful for me and hopefully others. I often times run into unique situations on a production or working on computers that have not been addressed yet. So, I spend countless hours searching for answers (only to find none), combining other ‘similar’ answers to effectively resolve the problem. Some examples I will soon post on the blog page because I know of others that need that information soon.

So if you are reading this and are remotely interested in my advice, feel free to post a question or email me.


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