Godaddy contest entry

So as I gear up to really enrich this blog, I thought I would take a moment to add a shameless plug for my Godaddy contest entry.

Check it out here

Paparazzi Amateur thumb image for Godaddy contest

Paparazzi Amateur thumb image for Godaddy contest

It’s great for a laugh either way and it could help me to win if you rate it highly.

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Canon T2i ROCKS in low light too!

So I am now getting to play with my new CANON T2i (550D) and here are some screen shots I took from some low light footage. This is all shot with simple settings, the 18-135 kit lens, and (I have to look again) but it wasn’t even at the max ISO.

I spent the evening running around shooting at night to see how this camera did in low light tests. This idea was inspired by the blog post on Philip Bloom’s website; Zacuto DSLR shootout.

So I have included some screen shots of my own and soon I will have an edit ready and uploaded. I just couldn’t wait to get this out there, even though I should have the video ready first…

Have a look at the video hereĀ T2i low light video

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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New camera, first shoot tomorrow

I now FINALLY have my own gear! Canon t2i which takes AMAZING pictures, I will now be using on my first shoot with it tomorrow.

And so I can begin documenting my progress with it, and finally showing off some amazing stuff it can do. I will also be mounting the Canon t2i on a helmet and taking it along while skydiving! Sometime this summer, once I get my rig re-packed and I get a few more camera jumps back in swing. And of course, I need to build the mount.

Once I do, I will also post my equipment on and show how I made it. I know there isn’t much here yet thats worth reading, but trust me… there soon will be! I plan to put the t2i to the full test with keying, crane mounting, skydiving, low light shooting (which I think it’s rather grainy so far) and learning some new tricks on the way.

Oh and one more thing… I’ve found that there isn’t much of a useful workflow yet devised on how to use an iPhone as a lav microphone. So I will come up with a plan, and a list of parts to do just that!

Keep checking back, because this blog is going to get interesting.

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Old school freelancer, new to public blogging

I’ve been producing videos, editing, shooting and animation for over 5 years now. Most of that time has been spent with one single company/ client who only made local TV ads. So one day, like any freelancer in the video business should do; I parted ways to explore new horizons.

So I’m finally doing what I have encouraged others to do for a long time. I’m putting my work and my words online to hopefully help others out there. I spend a great deal of time figuring out unique problems in the production area, upgraded software incompatibilities, and workflow changes. This industry is ever-changing and with it comes a ton of headaches.

I guess this post is not the most informative as to what I plan to write about. I do hope I am accepted in the community as a new breath of information to someday help many find their way to the results they desire on a project. Either by being hired, or just by offering the solution to get through that deadline.

So please bookmark this or contact me if you have a video problem, editing issue, or general mac technical difficulty. I’m glad to help.


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